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Q3:What warming equipment can be found in the dormitory?

:According to Aritcle 12-B-e in the Dorm Rules for NTHU,
Unauthorized use or activity which has safety concerns or disrupts quietness (such as fireworks or firecrackers, campfire, cooking, etc.) are prohibited. Every Dormitory provides basic warming equipment, which mainly includes microwaves, electric rice cookers, and ovens. Induction cookers for cooking are only set up in public kitchens (except for Dorm Shyr of Residential College and Dorm Hung).

For everyone to enjoy a quality living environment, please follow the rules below:

1. The kitchen appliance is charged by user. Please bring your own airconditioning card to use. It's forbiddieb to move kitchen equipment without approval or to access public electricity.

2. The warming equipment provided in the dormitory is used only for warming food, not for cooking or stewing. Neither is cooking allowed in the lounge.

3. Please carefully read the machine manuals before use, and use the right containers for food to prevent the equipment from damage.

4. Please take away your trash and food waste after using the warming machines and tools.

5. Please do the dishwashing after use, and take the dishes away. Do not put them in the sink or the public area.

6. Every Dormitory provides categorized recycling bins. Please do not throw your trash in the public space, the bins or toilets in the W.C. to prevent a messy environment or a clogged toilet.


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