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Q5:What are the regulations for using microwaves?

Q5﹕What to pay attention to when using microwaves?

:For details in the operating instructions, please go to the homepage of the Division of Student Housing → the guidance section on the bottom side → Precautions on how to use a microwave oven

1. Do not use the microwave without food in it.

2. Do not use the microwave for a long period of time.

3. Do not boil or fry eggs.

4. Packed food needs to be unpacked and microwaved in another container.

5. Never microwave water alone!

6. Please use containers made of pottery, heat-proof glass or plastic. Do not use metal utensils, including those inlaid with gold or silver, or wrapped by foil papers, or stainless steel.

7. Do not put narrow-necked bottles in the microwave.

8. Leave some pinholes for airflow on a plastic food wrap or lid, and unwrap or open it with care to avoid steam burns.

9. Do not put airtight containers in the microwaves, or it’ll explode.


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