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Q4:Where can I find administrators?

Q4:Where can I find administrators?

:The student dormitories are divided into four areas, and they are available in the service center to which their Dormitory belongs.

Central office of NTHU: 03-5715131 and enter the extension:

Service Center 1(Location at Dorm Yi, 03-5162448 or Ext. 62448、37634、37690)-For the following services: Ming、Ping、Shan、Tsing、Hua、Hsin、Cheng、Yi、Shiue、Hung

Service Center 2(Location at Dorm Li, 03-5162449 or Ext. 62449、37709、37781)-For the following services: Li、Jen、Shyr、Shinn、Shuo、Ru

Service Center 3(Location at Dorm Ya, 03-5162450 or Ext. 62450、36205、36577)-For the following services: Wen、Jing、Huei、Ya

Nanda Service Center(Location at Gate of female dormitorirs, Ext. 74700、74701)-For the following services: Ming Feng、Chung Shan、Ying Hsi、Shu Te、Chu Yueh


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