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2022 Annual Checking of Dormitory Fire-Fighting Equipment

Date 8:30 AM-12:00 PM 1:00 PM-5:00 PM
Jan. 24th (Mon.) Dorm Tsing Dorm Tsing
Jan. 24th (Mon.) Dorm Shinn、Dorm Shuo Dorm Jen、Dorm Shyr
Jan. 25th (Tue.) Dorm Ping 、Dorm Ming
Dorm Hua、Dorm Shan
Dorm Yi、Dorm Cheng
Jan. 25th (Tue.) Dorm Li Dorm Hung
Jan. 26th (Wed.) Dorm Shiue Dorm Shiue
Jan. 26th (Wed.) Dorm Jing、Dorm Huei Dorm Wen、Dorm Ya
Jan. 27th (Thu.) Dorm Hsin Dorm Hsin
Jan. 27th (Thu.) Dorm Shu-Te
Dorm Chu-Yueh
Dorm Ming-Feng
Dorm Chung-Shan
Dorm Ying-Hsi

There would be service technicians entering into dormitories during the above period to check at all installed alarm detectors and emergency lamps, please stay calm whenever you hear an alarm and broadcast.WE APOLOGIZE FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE CAUSED.

Contractor:Li-Chin (立勤) Fire-fighting Industry Co., Ltd

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