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Application of the waiting list for all students and new international graduate students 2022

【Application of the waiting list for all students and new international graduate students】:
Waiting List Start/End Dates Announcement of Bed Allocations Giving Up Dormitory Accommodation Details
First waiting list 6/15 10:00 ~ 6/20 16:00 6/23 16:00 6/24 ~ 7/7 17:00 If you didn't get the bed, the random numbers were useless. If you still want to apply for the dorm, please remember to apply for the next waiting list.
Second waiting list 7/12 10:00 ~ 7/15 16:00 7/19 16:00 7/20 ~ 8/2 17:00
Third waiting list and application of new international graduate students 8/10 10:00 ~ 8/16 16:00 8/24 16:00 8/25 ~ 9/7 17:00 If you didn't get the bed, the random numbers will be adopted.
【Application of the summer waiting list】:
Start/End Dates Announcement of Bed Allocations Time of Payment Details
5/27 10:00 ~ 6/1 16:00 6/7 16:00 6/8 ~ 6/13 Beds arranged by Division of Student Housing are not guaranteed the same as the bed of spring semester or fall semester. Once you make the payment, there will be no refund.
1. The bed rearrangement operation will be suspended in these time:6/14-6/23、7/11-7/19、8/9-8/24. If you want to change the bed, please bring your student ID to Division of Student Housing office or Nanda service center without suspend time.
2. If you didn't get the bed or already quit the bed, you could apply the waiting list.
3. When a room number is given and you decide not to stay, withdrawal application must be submitted within two weeks to the Division of Student Housing to avoid housing charge. If you don't finish giving up the dormitory accommodation procedure before deadline, some fees will be charged. Please check “Dorm Rules for NTHU” Article 5.
4. The allocation of the dormitories between the Main Campus and the Nanda Campus is based on the principles of the departments main classes. Students from the two campuses must apply separately. The dormitory fee is based on the announcement of each semester.
5. You must key in the personal account when you apply for the accommodation. For the sake of refunding utensil custody fee, please create the bank account number of Mega bank, E.SUN bank, or Chunghwa Post and log in “Bank Account Key-In” of Academic Information System (New Students shall log in after the system is opened in the middle of August).
6. If you have priority, but you didn't apply during the 4/13-4/20, you will lose your priority. If you want to live, you need to apply for the waiting list.
7. If you want to apply for the short-term summer accommodation, please come to the office of Division of Student Housing with student ID card or send email from 6/23.
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