Service Center 1

Campus:Main Campus
Location:Dorm Yi
Serves:Yi, Cheng, Hsin, Hua, Ming, Ping, Shan, Hung, Tsing, Shiue
Direct Line:+886-3-5162448
Operator:+886-3-5715131 Ext:62448、37634、37690
Dormitory Manager:
Dorm Yi and Cheng:Mr. Lai
Dorm Hsin (Male) and Shan:Mr. Chou
Dorm Hsin (Female):Ms. Huang
Dorm Hua, Ming and Ping:Mr. Chen
Dorm Hung:Ms. Lu Dorm Tsing (ABC):Ms. Ho
Dorm Tsing (DE):Mr. Chia
Dorm Shiue:Ms. Chuang