Dormitory Repair Process and Personnel Access Control

Dorm repair procedures and entry and exit personnel control operation procedures

Revised on Dec. 24, 2002
Revised on Jan. 7, 2016

  1. Application for repair:
    According to the request form for repair, the Student Housing Office staffer in charge of the work is required to classify items, contact the contractor, and arrange time for the repair during workdays from Monday through Friday.
  2. The procedure:
    1. Regular repair:
      1. If something in the public area needs to be repaired, the date will be announced three days before the repairs. The only exception is in an emergency, such as repair of water facilities, electric facilities, gas facilities and the bathrooms.
      2. Dorm room renovation: In principle, the administrator will personally do repairs or accompany the contractor in making repairs.
    2. Urgent repair:
      In an emergency (for example, a breakdown of water or electric equipment), the administrator or the staff of the Student Housing Office will accompany the serviceman.
  3. Regulations servicemen who enter the dorms must follow
    1. Repair in public region:
      1. The servicemen must inform the Student Housing Office before they enter the dorm. They may enter the dorm only after the Student Housing Office has informed the administrator of the dorm.
      2. If the servicemen need to enter the dorm, they should go to the service center to register and put on purple vests before they enter.
      3. The servicemen must follow all the rules of the school after they enter the dorm. They are not allowed to shout, smoke, drink or chew betel nut in the dorm. Furthermore, they cannot wander around the dorm except within the area they are repairing.
      4. The repair time is from 8am to 5pm daily, but if there is special repair, the repair time will be announced separately. The servicemen must minimize noise when doing repairs.
      5. When the servicemen finish their work, they must inform the administrator and let the administrator check the results of their work, then clean the repair area necessary. Also, if things are moved while fixing, they are responsible for returning them to their original position. After the administrator checks everything, they shall then go to the service center, go through formalities, and leave.
    2. Repair in dorm rooms:
      1. Servicemen must inform the boarders that they will cover the boarders’ personal property to prevent contamination by dust or dirt.
      2. After the repair, the servicemen must clean the repair area and return them to their original position.
      3. The servicemen must inform the administrator or the staff of the Student Housing Office when they are finished working. The administrator or the staff will make an inspection.
  4. ※Please note that if any merchants or servicemen do not obey the above-mentioned rules, the Student Housing Office retains the right not to contract with them in the future.