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Precautions for COVID-19

Hi, Everyone:

In response to the recent severe situation of COVID-19, we would like your assistance for the following matters:
1. Students are requested to pay attention to your physical conditions and continuous health examinations. If there are suspected symptoms such as fever, respiratory symptoms, diarrhea, abnormal smell, and taste, please inform the Division of Health Service and follow the instructions.
2. Please avoid crowded places or places with high risk of infection transmission, and wear the mask and wash hands frequently when going out.
3. It is advised that all students dine in the dorm by take-out and try not to stay in public places.
4. If you want to visit other dormitories, please register at the dormitory service center first.

Please pay more attention to the above points, let’s prevent the epidemic together, and maintain the campus a safe environment.

Stay safe and take care.
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