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NTHU Dormitory Pandemic Precaution Q&A

Q1: Since all courses have been conducted remotely, can I move out of the dormitory now?
A: Yes. For students who want to move out of their dormitory, the Division of Student Housing (DSH) will help them complete the checkout process based on the students' will and the DSH dormitory rules from now on.
Q2: If the third-level alert is still maintained throughout the end of the semester, what are the measures?
A: The Division of Student Housing will take proper measures and allow for deadline extension, and there will be corresponding announcements as we approach the date.
Q3: What should I do if I still cannot complete the checkout process at the end of the semester?
A: If there is an emergency that your checkout process cannot be completed before the end of the semester, please send an email to the DSH or the DSH staff members, and we will try our best to assist you.
Q4: Are there any changes for the dormitory application for summer camps?
A: Dormitory application and arrangement for summer camps will be determined after June 15.
Q5: How can I apply for summer accommodation in the future if I cannot decide now?
A: The date of summer accommodation for waiting list will be postponed after June 15. After the waiting list application, you still can apply for summer accommodation until the end of the summer vacation.
Q6: Can I get a refund if I have applied for summer accommodation and paid for it, but now I want to cancel my application because of the remote teaching policy?
A: If students who have applied for summer accommodation would like to cancel their application due to the remote teaching policy or summer camps, refunds can be made in principle, and the application for refunds will be announced separately.
Q7: What are the changes for the accommodation application process?
A: The application for accommodation for new graduate students' academic year and summer accommodation will be postponed after June 10. The result for accommodation arrangement will be announced based on the situation of the pandemic.
Q8: Are public spaces in student dormitories closed during the pandemic?
A: It is strictly prohibited for gathering of more than 5 people in public areas in the dormitory, such as the lounges, study centers, and public kitchens.
Q9: What is the check-out process?
A:Check-out process:
1. Students download the "Property Clearance Certificate" on the website.
2. Complete dormitory cleaning and relocation
3. Return the key and "Property Clearance Certificate" to the service center. The administrator will check the room or ask students to take photos as proof.
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