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Regulations for 2021 summer accommodation

1. Those who have not applied for summer accommodation will not be allowed to enter the dormitory from July 12. If the residents of 2021 spring semester want to relocate (check the status of vacant beds) or withdraw from the dormitory, they need to apply to the Division of Student Housing(https://forms.gle/mGVt4JX22GcSNKB9A) and borrow the temporary cards from service centers. It is limited to complete the process on the same day. Violators will be deducted points and charged in accordance with dorm rules and regulations.
2. Accordance with MOE, dormitory must implement contact-information registration, please use your student ID card to enter the dormitory and do not follow other students. Visitors must go to service center to register and follow the regulations for alert level 3(It’s forbidden to gather more than 5 people in the building and more than 10 people in the outdoor areas.)
3. Students are requested to pay attention to your physical conditions and continuous health examinations. If there are suspected symptoms such as fever, respiratory symptoms, diarrhea, abnormal smell, and taste, please inform the Division of Health Service and follow the instructions. (Telephone:03-5743000 or ext. 43000) And tell Student Assistance Division or service center to help you.
4. The residents of 2021 spring semester can place their personal items in the original room until August 30. Except for relocate or withdraw from the dormitory (online application is required), please do not go back to campus and enter the dormitory. Those who enter the dormitory in violation after July 11 will be required the use fee NTD 1,000 for single room, and NTD 500 for other's room of each time and each day.
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