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2021 System Services Suspension of Student Housing

Due to the power shortage of high voltage transformer substation for regular maintenance, the server host of the Division of Student Housing will be disconnected and suspended relevant services to avoid possible damage to the server host. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Down Time:
From Friday, 2:00 PM, Jul. 30 to Monday, 9:00 AM, Aug. 2
Influence Scope:
Dormitory Repairing System Online application services suspended.
Please apply online after the restoration of system or go to the service center for more information
Dormitory Application System Services suspended
Electronic Bulletin System Services suspended
Package System Online consulting and notice service of mails suspended.
Please go to the service center for more information.
Access Control System Residents can have normal dormitory access,
but no password consulting can be executed.
Top Up of Air-Conditioning Card The machines at Division of Student Housing are out of service.
When the machines are out of order, please follow the procedure (Homepage of the Division of Student Housing → Guide Section on the bottom side → Air-Conditioner Card Instructions).
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