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【New Undergraduate】Announcement of 2021 Dorm Placement for New Undergraduate Students

1. Please go to the website of Dormitory Application System to check the allocation result.
2. If you want to give up your bed, please email the person in charge before 2021/9/22 17:00 with the attach image file of ID card. Application completed after you get reply from Division of Student Housing. The relevant rights and for deduction standards, please refer to the Division of Housing Office website, Article 5 of Dorm Rules.
a. Person in charge of the Male Undergraduate Dormitories:
Mr. Ho Email:hosn@mx.nthu.edu.tw
b. Person in charge of the Female Undergraduate Dormitories:
Ms. Hsiung Email:hsiung@mx.nthu.edu.tw
3. Before receiving your student ID card, you can enter the dormitory with password. Please go to the Division of Student Housing website for the password and use guidelines. The password will be uploaded before September 16th afternoon.
4. Use of dormitory air-conditioner and air-conditioning fees: One air-conditioner card is needed per room. During the check-in period of September 18 to 19 for new students, the cards are available for purchase in the Service Center 1 and 2, and Nanda Service Center, as well as in Dorm Wen and Dorm Hsin. If the card is out of credit, please top up the card at a top-up machine. The use of air-conditioners must be in compliance with the rules stipulated by the Division of Student Housing. Do not turn off the air-conditioner by removing the card.
5. The check-in period for new students is September 18 to September 19, starting from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the respective dorm (For students admitted to the Residential College, please follow the time slots assigned by the Residential College.)
a. When checking in, please pay attention to the location of your assigned dormitory. Nanda Campus (on Nanda Rd.) and Main Campus (on Kuang-Fu Rd.) are located differently. For convenience sake, new students should download the driving pass on the Dormitory Application System before entrance into the campus. The pass should be placed on the lower part of the front window (It is not necessary to apply for a permit upon entrance or departure, yet the pass is in effect on September 18 and 19 only. The driving pass facilitates instructions to the assigned dormitory. For visitors without a driving pass, a fee will be charged based on the duration of the visit.
b. Students checking in after September 19 should head to the service centers on the Main Campus or Nanda Campus for the check-in procedure.
c. Driving and parking: With the expected heavy car loads on the check-in days, parents are obliged to follow the driving instructions, and park on assigned sites, or leave immediately after dropping down the luggage at the dormitory. Do not park anywhere not permitted in case of traffic loads.
6. Because the dormitory service center has limited space for packages and there are no student data before the start of each semester, please send the package after the start of each semester (Fall Semester:After September 18th、Spring Semester:After February 1st).
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