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COVID-19 Vaccination Statistics for Student Housing

Hello everyone,
Recently, the "COVID-19 Vaccination Registration and Reservation Platform" has opened to college students for vaccination, and some students in campus have also completed the first dose. This has a positive effect on the safety of campus group life.
"Dormitory Pandemic Prevention" is an important part of university campus safety. We have designed the "Form of COVID-19 Vaccination Statistics for Student Housing". The survey results are only for the school to understand the current vaccine coverage of the residential students. There is no need to write or collect any personal information. Please don't worry.
This survey will be open for three days a week starting from October 1st, 2021. The residential students are welcome to fill in the vaccination status. We look forward to working with you to protect the safety of campus.
※For the accuracy of the data, please do not fill it again if you has filled the item "vaccinated".
Office of Student Affairs
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