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【New Undergraduate】Announcement of 2021 Dorm Placement for New Undergraduate Foreign Students

1. The allocation results are as attached.
2. Please go to the Service Center 1 (Dorm Yi) to pick up the keys before check-in.
3. Before receiving your student ID card, you can enter the dormitory with password. Please go to the Division of Student Housing website for the password and use guidelines. After you get the student ID card, use the student ID card to enter the dormitory.
4. Please download the accommodation fee receipt from the Division of Student Housing website. And complete the payment within 3 days after arriving at the school. After payment, you must send email to the undertaker for confirmation. If you do not send email to confirm, the access control and dormitory network application qualifications will not be activated.
a. Person in charge of the Male Undergraduate Dormitories:
Mr. Ho Email: hosn@mx.nthu.edu.tw
b. Person in charge of the Female Undergraduate Dormitories:
Ms. Hsiung Email: hsiung@mx.nthu.edu.tw
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