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【Current Student】2022 Summer accommodation application for current students

Summer dormitories for male Summer dormitories for female
Dorm Room Summer fee Level Dorm Room Summer fee Level
Main Campus Tsing Single/ Twin 11120/6640 Graduate Shiue Single/ Twin 9680/5920 Graduate
Ming Single/ Twin 6768/4368 Graduate Ru Single/ Twin 9680/5920 Graduate
Ping Single/ Twin 6776/4376 Graduate Hung Twin 5652 Undergraduate/ Graduate
Hung Twin 5652 Undergraduate/ Graduate Ru Twin 5920 Undergraduate
Cheng Twin/ Quadruple 4438/3774 Undergraduate Wen Twin/ Quadruple(Part of rooms) 4376/2964 Undergraduate
Hua Twin/ Quadruple 5232/4212 Undergraduate Ya Twin/ Triple/
Hexa/ Octa
Shinn Twin 4760 Undergraduate
Nanda Campus Shu Te Twin/ Quadruple 3712/3092 Undergraduate/ Graduate Chu Yueh Twin Suite/ Triple Suite/ Quadruple 5580/4772/3092 Graduate
Shu Te Twin Suite/ Twin/ Quadruple 4456/3712/3092 Undergraduate/ Graduate
1. Application time: 2022/4/13 10:00 AM ~ 2022/4/20 4:00 PM. For online application of summer accommodation ,please visit the website of Division of Student Housing.
2. Summer accommodation is from 9:00 AM on 7/1 to noon on 8/30. If you want to apply for less than 2 months, please go to the Division of Student Housing to apply for and pay the dorm fees after 2022/6/23. The Bed allocation depends on the current situation. Beds are not guaranteed.
3. Time of announcement of bed allocation: 2022/5/11 4:00 PM. Please visit the website of Division of Student Housing
4. Time of payment: 2022/5/19 ~ 2022/5/23 (Please be sure to pay at this time.)
5. Payment: Please visit the website of Division of Student Housing (Once you make the payment, there will be no refund.)
6. Note:
(1) Undergraduate students assigned to opening dormitories as shown above.
(2) Graduate students assigned to the bed for the current occupants are with the priority to the use of the bed during summer basically. The order of the next semester is the second priority. The order of the other applicants is the third.
(3) International students have the priority to the use of Dorm Hung.
(4) It would be the primary basis that each room should be fully occupied before other rooms become available. If there are available beds in different rooms, these will be assigned by Division of Student Housing accordingly.
(5) If the beds are not enough, the beds will be allocated by random.
8. Announcement of power outage maintenance, water tower cleaning and air-condition cleaning in some dorms will be posted on Student Housing website in this summer vacation.
9. The allocation of the dormitories between the Main Campus and the Nanda Campus is based on the principles of the departments main classes. Students from the two campuses must apply separately.
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