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7/21~7/29 Water Tank Cleaning (Main Campus)

Water Tank Cleaning Notice
(Main Campus)
In order to maintain the quality of drinking water, the periodical cleaning of public water tanks will be carried out, other dorms will be announced separately:
Date Dormitory
2022.07.21 Ming、Ping、Shan、Yi、Hua、Jen、Shyr
2022.07.22 Shiue、Ru
2022.07.25 Shinn
2022.07.26 Cheng、Li
2022.07.29 Tsing、Hung
1. In the event of bad weather, the cleaning will be cancelled and an alternative date will be notified.
2. Please follow the schedule and reserve water for use.
Suncern Cleaning Service Co., Ltd.
TEL:03- 5280203
FAX: 03-5280201
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