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【Current Undergraduate】Announcement of Dormitory Application for Undergraduate Residents 2023

Start / End Dates Topics Details Procedure
1. The allocation of the dormitories between the Main Campus and the Nanda Campus is based on the principles of the department's main classes. Students from the two campuses must apply separately. The dormitory fee is based on the announcement of each semester.
2. You must key in the personal account when you apply the accommodation. For the sake of refunding the dormitory deposit, please apply for bank account number of Mega bank, E.SUN bank, or Chunghwa Post and log in “Bank Account Key-In” of Academic Information System.
4/11 10:00am~
4/13 4:00pm
Quiet room application for Academic Year 2023 Dorm Shinn–C 4th/5th floor, Part of dorm Wen 2nd floor, Part of dorm Ying-Hsi 4th floor, Part of dorm Shu-Te 1st floor (male). Application system (Division of Student Housing homepage)
4/14 4:00pm Announcement of random serial numbers for quiet room If the quiet room is given, you can't apply for general room Inquiry in the application system
4/18 10:00am~
4/24 4:00pm
General room application (Including Hung dorm)
separated by different qualification:
1. Students with priority
2. Current students without priority
Students with priority or without priority need to apply separately Application system (Division of Student Housing homepage)
Application for summer vacation accommodation The summer accommodation starts from 09:00 AM on July 1 to noon August 30.
Summer accommodation application announcement
Application system (Division of Student Housing homepage)
4/27 4:00pm Announcement of dorm allocation result for Academic Year 2023 Students can not apply for changing dorm. If you are not in the result, you can apply for waiting list. Inquiry in the application system
4/28~5/2 Bed allocation by the dormitory head resident The dormitory head resident must submit the allocation results to the Division of Student Housing before noon on 5/3. Contact with the dormitory head resident for bed allocation
5/11 4:00pm Announcement of bed allocations for summer and academic year 2023 Announcement on Division of Student Housing website
5/12 8:00am~
5/25 5:00pm
Giving up dormitory accommodation for Academic Year 2023 Please check “Dorm Rules for NTHU” Article 5 before giving up the dormitory accommodation procedure. (Working hours Monday to Friday 8:00~12:00/13:00~17:00) Division of Student Housing or Nanda Service Center for further process
In general, there will be applications for waiting list monthly. Application system
1. Academic Year 2023 includes 2023 fall semester and 2024 spring semester. Student housing residency covers the entire academic year (based on the school schedule), and the first semester of each year starts from September 1 to January 31. The 2nd semester starts from February 1 to June 25.
2. Accommodation application for dorm Hung will not apply separately. International student shall apply during 4/18-4/24.
3. Dorm Hung and Ya will be renovated during the 2023 summer vacation.
4. For the latest information, please visit: https://sthousing.site.nthu.edu.tw/
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