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2023 Spring Semester Dormitory Check-out and Summer Dorm Moving Announcement

A. Check-out procedure:
a. Time:
Spring Semester2023 SummerTime
Students live in the dormitoryStudents don't live in the dorm during summer.Students need to move out by 12:00 noon on June 26, 2023.
Students apply for another bed in summer vacation.During June 26 to 29, students may stay in the bed of spring semester. Students need to move to the new bed and finish the check-out procedure for the current bed from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on June 30, 2023.
Students apply for the same bed in summer vacation.Students don't need to finish the check-out procedure.
Notice: Early check-in for summer beds will not be available by June 27. From June 28, summer students who have completed summer dorm fee payment will be allowed to inquire the service centers whether the summer bed has completed the check-out procedure. If it is acceptable that the summer bed has not yet completed the check-out inspection, summer students can move in their beds from June 28 to June 29, 2023 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm every day, and no charge for summer dorm early check-in.
b. Locations:
1. From 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on June 26 and June 30:
Yi1st floor entrance hall
TsingBC building meeting hall at 1st floor
DE building meeting hall at 1st floor
Ming、Ping、ShanMeeting hall of Ming dorm
ChengMeeting hall
HuaMeeting hall at 1st floor
ShiueMachine room
HsinIn back of the meeting hall at 1st floor
HungMeeting hall at 1st floor
RuMachine room
Building A、B、C
1st floor corridor
LiMain gate at 1st floor
JenMeeting hall at 2nd floor
ShyrBeside the Room125 at 1st floor
Shuo1st floor main gate
Ya1st floor entrance hall
WenMeeting hall
JingMeeting hall
HueiMeeting hall
Shu-Te (Male)In front of the machine room at 1st floor
Shu-Te (Female)、Chu-YuehIn front of meeting hall at 1st floor
Ming-FengMeeting hall at 1st floor
Chung-ShanIn front of Room F101 at 1st floor
Ying-HsiIn front of the public refrigerator
2. For the rest of the time, please go to the service centers for the implementation of abovementioned the procedure.
c. Method:
For the rest of the time, please go to the service centers for the implementation of abovementioned the procedure. “Dormitory Property Checkout Certificate”, take it to the dormitory administrator, and ensure it stamped. Remember to save a copy of the list. The Division of Student Housing will return their dormitory deposit.
B. Rules of deducting from dormitory deposit:
ItemCompensation and deducting from dormitory deposit
1. Did not complete the withdrawal procedure and moveAccording to the first and second Subparagraphs of Article 18 of Dorm Rules for NTHU
2. Violating the regulations with a deduction of 15 points (including 15)According to the second Subparagraphs of Article 13 of Dorm Rules for NTHU
3. Did not clean up the room (chair, desk, keyboard stand, wardrobe next to desk, chest of drawers, locker, floor, door, bed, suit room, etc.)1000 NT dollars /person
4. Did not return key500 NT dollars for key (if students are living in same bed during summer, they don't need to return)
5. Lost or damage to chair, desk, keyboard stand, wardrobe next to desk, chest of drawers, door, bed, locker.Compensate as market price
6. Damage to floor (include self-paste floor)Compensate as market price
7. Damage to door, window. glass, curtainCompensate as market price
8. Destruction to bed set (include self-removing the bed board)Compensate as market price
9. Damage to AC, card reader, and lost the AC remote controlCompensate as market price
10. Didn't clean up refrigerator for single room500 NT dollars
11. Lost or damage to refrigerator for single roomCompensate as market price
C. Refund of dormitory deposit and time:
The dormitory deposit (NT$1,000) for spring semester will be deposited to students' bank account through the School Academic Information System in August. Students can check by logging into the Academic Information System. (Academic Information System →Income Inquiry →Monthly Income Inquiry)
D. Notice:
a. For students about to leave campus after graduation, please do not close your account in the School Academic Information System before receiving the dormitory deposit. Students need to confirm whether they log in with their correct account. If close the account, we will send a check by registered mail to your permanent address when registered on household registration in Taiwan. Notice will be sent in case household registration is not available. However, if the refund still cannot be made after all, the refund amount will be temporarily transferred to the school's specific account.
b. Students have not applied for summer dormitory (including those have applied but have not completed the payment) should pack their belongings (including refrigerators) in advance and move out of the dormitory to shorten the check-out time.
E. Contact:Phone: 03-571-5416.
Division of Student Housing
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