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Announcement of rooms for 2024 Lunar New Year Festival

1. Lunar New Year Festival period: From 12 noon on February 7th to 12 noon on February 15th
2. Yi, Tsing, Shiue, Hung, Ru dormitories will be opened for students applied during 2024 Lunar New Year Festival. Other dormitories will be closed. Students will not be able to access the dormitory while it is closed.
3. Residents who have not applied will not be able to access the dormitory while dorm is closed. Residents who have applied will access dorms by student ID card.
4. The attachment is the arrangement of dorms for those who will stay during 2024 Lunar New Year Festival.
5. Move-in & Move back:
(1) Residents who are reallocated have to get the room keys at first service center after 9:00 A.M on February 7th, 2024.
(2) Students applying for Lunar New Year period accommodation, who must move-in before 1:00 P.M on February 7th, 2024.
For those who need to move to other dormitories, please take your toiletries, essential items and anything you will need with you.
(3) Students must move back to the spring semester bed and complete the property checking as well as returning the key to the service center before 3:00 P.M on February 15th, 2024.
(4) For those who are reallocated and require internet usage. Please re-apply for the internet access through the webpage of Computer & Communication Center according to your assigned bed after 4:30 P.M. on February 6th. Please apply for the internet access again when back to your dorm after February 15th. Please check the following website: https://net.nthu.edu.tw/netsys/en:faq:domitory_net_apply_sample
(1) If who doesn’t finish move-in or move back with the rules, we will not refund the deposit for NT$1000.
(2) All closed dormitories will not be reopened. Who ask for opening the closed dorms by personal reason, we will not refund the deposit for NT$1000.
(3) Who break into the dorms during dormitory closed period will be deducted 10 points by Dorm Rule Article "9" Subparagraph "C" Item "g".
(4) Please help to keep the safety of dormitories, DO NOT let any stranger go into the building.
(5) During Lunar New Year period, all of service center will not allow to check in or out for the semester period bed. Any special situations, please contact Division of Student Housing before the vacation.
(6) Only First service center (Dorm Yi) will be opened in this vacation. If students need any assistance, please contact the center. If there are any emergency, please call:
First Service Center: 03-5162448
Student Assistance Division: 03-5711814 or 03-5715131 #66666.
Campus Security Office: 03-5714769或03-5715131 #33333
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