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Precautions on how to use a microwave oven

Precautions on how to use a microwave oven.

Please read first before use.

Step 1 - Check if the utensils are suitable for use in the microwave oven.

Step 2 - Please confirm the wattage of the microwave oven and if the food is suitable for heating in the microwave oven.

Step 3 - Read carefully the food package heating instructions. If not very clear, use a shorter time and heat the food in several stages.

Step 4 - Do not leave the food unattended while heating to avoid charring the food due to overheating or dangers due to bursts.

Step 5 - Please take note of the high temperature and the steam when removing the food from the microwave oven to avoid being scalded.

  • Do not leave the microwave oven unattended while in use.

  • For small amounts of food and dry food, do not prolong the heating. If unsure of the heating time, please shorten the heating time and do it in several stages.

  • Do not cook eggs with shell or whole cooked eggs to avoid bursting while cooking.

  • Do not put sealed cans or bottles of food in the microwave oven. When the pressure increases, the cans or bottles may explode.

  • Do not reheat beverages (like water), because microwave reheating can cause delayed splashing and boiling, easily leading to scalding.

  • Do not fry food.

  • Do not put dry cloth, newspaper, or other paper products in the microwave oven for heating, as it may cause a fire.

  • Open sealed food packaging bag and transfer the contents into another container for proper heating.

  • Do not use metal utensils (including with gold or silver edge utensils, tin foil or aluminum paper packages, stainless steel utensils, etc.), wood, bamboo, paper containers, poor heat-resistant plastic containers and general glass containers.

  • Please check before using the utensil if it is suitable for use in a microwave oven. Use heat-resistant glass containers, ceramics, and heat-resistant plastic containers (If the food ingredients contain a high proportion of oil, do not heat in the microwave oven).

  • When using plastic wrap or cooking with a cover, please provide a vent hole and open carefully after cooking to avoid steam burns.

  • Do not place flammable items in the microwave oven, on the sides or on top of the oven to avoid causing a fire.

  • Do not use or operate the microwave oven if there are no food items inside the oven.




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