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Q9:Instructions for using an air-conditioner card

◎ Where can the air-conditioning card be inserted for use?
1. The AC card can be used for all air conditioning and heating units (220V) within the dormitory.
2. Lighting and electric fans in Dormitories Ming, Ping, Li, Yi, Shiue, Ru, Tsing, Hua, Cheng, Jen and Shyr run on 220V.
3. Public kitchens, Dorm Hung kitchen appliances and other dormitories' warming equipments.
◎ How to buy an air-conditioning card?
1. Purchase new cards from the 7-11 convenience store on the Main Campus.
2. Each air-conditioner card costs NT$250, which includes a NT$50 environment compensation charge and a NT$5 convenience store processing fee. The actual amount available for electricity is NT$195.
3. For purchasing and recycling the air-conditioner cards, please refer to the announcements (Tsing Hua University Student Dormitory Air-Conditioner Card Instructions)
◎ How to use the machine for storing value in an air-conditioner card?
The machines are located in front of the Division of Student Housing office, service center 3 and Shu Te of the Nanda Campus. To store value in an air-conditioner card, please prepare a 100 bill, and put it in the machine.
Note: The method for storing value if the machine is in malfunction (Please see Q&A Q5 in 5. Housing Facility Maintenance. or Tsing Hua University Student Dormitory Air-Conditioner Card Instructions
◎ Notices for air-conditioner cards
1. Do not put the card and magnetic objects together to avoid degauss of the card.
2. In case of power outage, please remove the air-conditioner card from the card reader to prevent the cards and card readers from damage after the power is restored.
3. Please keep the air-conditioner card with proper care. The card can no longer be used once it’s damaged.
4. Do not paste any stickers on the air-conditioner card to prevent it from being stuck in the machine.
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