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Q7:Application process for installing refrigerators in the rooms

Q7﹕Application process for installing refrigerators in the rooms

:1. Qualification:

(1) Current Student living in dorm

(2) As a room as an unit ( personal application is not accepted)

2. Specification:Capacity max 100 liter(Students are required to bring their own refrigerators unless they live in Tsing Single Rooms, which come with refrigerators.)

3. Price:One semester 400NTD(Application for two semesters is available at NT$800. )
*Note: There is no need to apply for having the refrigerator in your room during summer breaks. Apply and pay at the Division of Student Housing at the start of the semester.

4. Application form:download from website(or come to student housing office to get).

5. Application procedure:applicant fills out the form(Apply by room as a unit and all of the roommates need to sign. One room can only apply for one refrigerator.)→ go to the Division of Student Hosing to pay the fees → get the authorized mark.

6. Others for attentions:

(1) After the application approval, please put refrigerator inside your room and attach the tag onto the refrigerator, and use one-jack sockets. Do not use extension cords with many sockets to avoid danger.

(2) According to Article 19-B in the Dorm Rules for NTHU,
Residents must move out by the announced move-out date when the academic year ends. If you do not move out in time, the dorm military instructor and Student Assistance Division counselor may move your personal property to the storage, and they are not responsible for your property’s safety. You must pay NT$100 per day for storage. If you do not collect your property within a week, your property will be disposed. Furthermore, your right to live in the dorm the following semester will be cancelled, and the Division of Student Housing will penalize you according to the school rules.


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