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1. Application period: from August 16 10:00 a.m. to August 18 10:00 a.m.
2. Announcement of dorm placement: available on the Division of Student Housing website on August 22, 2023
3. Students who do not complete the online registration applications are considered giving up accommodation, and no bed will be reserved.
4. Beds for new students will be randomly allocated. No preference for dorm, bed, or roommates shall be made (The placement is based on the location of classrooms by department, either on the Main Campus or on Nanda Campus). The student could ask Student Housing Office for changing bed after bed result announced.
5. About the rules and regulations for quiet rooms, please visit the Division of Student Housing website.
6. Students admitted to the Residential College before this June are assigned beds in Dorm Jen and Dorm Shyr. Dorm application is exempted. For any questions related to the College, please contact 03-5162555. Students not admitted should apply for dormitory on the Division of Student Housing website during the application period.
7. The check-in period is September 2 and 3, starting from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Break time 12:00-13:00)
8. When checking in, please pay attention to the location of your assigned dormitory. Nanda Campus (on Nanda Rd.) and Main Campus (on Kuang-Fu Rd.) are located differently.
9. For the sake of convenience, new students should download the driving pass on the “dormitory application system” before entrance into the campus. The pass should be placed on the lower part of the front window (It is not necessary to apply for a permit upon entrance or departure, yet the pass is in effect on September 2 and 3 only.) The driving pass facilitates instructions to the assigned dormitory. For visitors without a driving pass, a fee will be charged based on the duration of the visit.
10. Driving and parking: With the expected heavy car loads on the check-in days, parents are obliged to follow the driving instructions, and park on assigned sites, or leave immediately after dropping down the luggage at the dormitory. Do not park anywhere not permitted in case of traffic loads.
11. From September 4, new students should head to the service centers on the Main Campus / Nanda Campus to complete the check-in process. Students who are unwell (fever, get cold, etc.) can postpone the check-in day.