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Announcement of Personal Information Collecting Notice for Student Housing

Announcement of Personal Information Collecting Notice for Student Housing National Tsing Hua University

Approved on September 27, 2019

  1. Division of Student Housing (hereinafter referred to as the Division) manages related affairs in accordance with Organizational Procedure of National Tsing Hua University and Dorm Rules for NTHU, and relevant arrangement shall be informed clearly to students while collecting personal information of students in accordance with the provisions of Article 8, Personal Information Protection Act.
  2. To proceed application, substitution, alternation, abandonment or withdrawal, deposit, staff training and election, gate access control, registered parcels, announcement, questionnaires and other dormitory related services, included in following A. to C., personal information of dormitory applied student can be collected, managed and processed.
    1. The purpose of the collection: Specific purpose stipulated in Personal Information Protection Act, no. 002 Personnel Management, 036 Deposit and remittance, 039 Administrative sanction, administrative investigation, 077 Booking of dormitory, 094 Property management, 109 Education or Training Administration, 130 Meeting Management, 157 Investigation, statistics and research analysis and 158 Student data administration (included graduate and completion of schooling student).
    2. The categories of the personal data to be collected: In compliance with the category stipulated in Personal Information Protection Act
      1. Identification (e.g. name, home phone number, mobile phone, mailing and household registration address, photo, e-mail address, any other identifiable information, account number and ID number).
      2. Characteristics (e.g. gender, date of birth and nationality).
      3. Family situations (e.g. parents).
      4. Social situation (e.g. address of residence and license).
      5. Education, examination, technology or other majors (e.g. university and qualifications).
      6. Employment status (e.g. first aid qualification, current obligations and responsibilities and training records).
      7. Financial details (e.g. payment amount, payment method, transaction record, security deposits and details of requested compensation).
      8. Health and other (e.g. treatment and diagnosis records).
    3. The time period, territory, recipients, and methods of which the personal data is used:
      1. Personal data are used for in-campus housing service by the Division under electronic or paper documents. The collected data will be stored in Information Academic System or other housing service system according to data category which shall be managed and used by Computer and Communication Center, Division of Student Housing, Division of Student Assistance, Dormitory Administrator, Dormitory Head Resident according to respective authority.
      2. Period of preservation by purpose:
        1. 5 years: student accommodation data, accommodation fees and deposit and dormitory maintenances.
        2. 1 year: dormitory management questionnaire and package management information.
        3. 1 semester: dormitory network application system and dormitory access control.
      3. Area: Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu.
      4. Object: Students of National Tsing Hua University (including exchange student and short-term camping students).
      5. Details of applied unit, authority and purpose for personal information:
        1. Computer and Communication Center: Provision of dormitory network and bedroom telephone application and maintenance.
        2. Division of Student Housing: Accommodation application, Accounting of dormitory fee and deposit, various housing services.
        3. Division of Student Assistance: Dormitory check out and student counseling.
        4. Dormitory administrators: Dormitory services, dormitory access control, parcel management and item borrowing.
        5. Dormitory Head Resident: Dorm routine operation, residents service, and advocating related rights of residents.
  3. According to Article 3, Personal Information Protection Act, students are entitled to perform following right when data is kept by the Division:
    1. Inquire, request to read or copy of personal profile to the Division and the Division may charge necessary cost by law.
    2. Request supplement or correction by competent explanation.
    3. Request to stop collecting, processing, using and erase personal information. However, the Division may decline when in need of duty implement by law.
  4. Influence resulted from shortage of personal information: Students may have the decision to provide personal information or not. Dormitory application cannot be arranged when personal information is not available.
  5. Restrictions and confidentiality of personal information: Unless with your permission, the Division will not sell, share, lease or exchange your personal data to any other organization or individual.
  6. Self-protection measures: Please keep your password and all personal information properly. Do not provide personal data to others. Any loss resulted from violation to others or unit will be brought to justice by law.
  7. This announcement shall be adopted at the joint committee of head residents and implemented after the approval by Vice president of Student Affairs.
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