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Regulations for the public kitchen of the Division of Student Housing

1. The public kitchen is managed by integrity, please use the highest ethical standards to maintain the facilities and the surrounding environment.
2. Objects: Residents who finished the housing procedure.
3. Open hours: daily from 6 am to 9:30 pm. (The power will be cut off at 9:30 pm)
4. Specifications:
(1) The resident enters by student ID card.
(2) The kitchen appliance is charged by user. Please bring your own air-conditioning card to use.
(3) The user prepares the pot by himself/herself. After use, please bring the pot back. Do not place in the kitchen, otherwise it will be removed as garbage.
(4) After use, please clean the kitchen and take away the food and garbage. Violators will be deducted in accordance with the relevant provisions of article 12 of Dorm Rules for NTHU.
5. If the equipment is damaged or lost due to human factors, compensation should be based on market prices.
6. These regulations were recognized by the head resident conference and implemented after approval by Vice president of Student Affairs, the same procedure is used for revision.
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