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Rules and regulations for quiet rooms at NTHU

Rules and regulations for quiet rooms at NTHU
  1. Purpose: This agreement is established with an aim to cultivate a healthy lifestyle, promote self-discipline and independence in the students living in dormitories, foster a spirit of mutual respect, support, and self-management in group life in hopes of improving the quality of life in dormitories, creating a dormitory environment suitable for study, and realizing the goals of environmental protection by reducing energy consumption and carbon use.
  2. Rules for Dorm Life
    1. Applicants of quiet rooms consent to rules and regulations stipulated in this agreement.
    2. In addition to the General Rules for Student Housing at the School, students living in the quiet rooms are obliged to abide by the rules and regulations in this agreement.
    3. Students must remain quiet when in the dormitories so as to maintain the quality of life and quietness in the dormitories.
    4. Lights in public areas and dorm rooms will be turned off at midnight. Students should turn their desk light on if needed.
    5. The internet access will be disabled in the dorm rooms from 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. starting the second week of semester until two weeks prior to the final examination period. If students need to use the Internet, please go to the study room in the dorm. Internet access hours will be extended depending on circumstances.
    6. To prevent fellow students from being disturbed in sleep, please finish showering and cleaning by midnight.
    7. After midnight passes, please lower your voice, mind the speaker volume, or use earphone. Do not make loud noises, or use dryers and other electrical appliances lest your roommates will be disturbed.
    8. Please gently close the door. Do not slam the dorm when leaving the room.
  3. Penalties and Punishments: A violation of the General Rules for Student Housing and Rules and Regulations for Quiet Dorm Rooms will result in deduction of points as stipulated by the rules. You will disqualified to apply for dormitory in the following semester if a sum of 10 or more points are deducted within an academic year. With a deduction of 15 or more points in total, the student will be asked to move out of the dormitory within two weeks of time, no refunds will be issued, and the right for dormitory application (including application for waitlist) will be lost in the following academic year.
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