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Q2:Who qualifies for priority housing assignment? Should priority assignment application be submitted before applying for housing?

:According to Article 2-C and 2-E in the Dorm Rules for NTHU,
Priority students include students with disabilities, students from low to mid-level income households (low-income certificate issued by local government must be included in the application), aboriginals, non-Taiwan students (except undergraduate), and all core staff members of the dorms in the academic year. Those include dorm head residents of the previous academic year, students on school teams and student association members (refer to the guidelines for school team and student association members who have housing assignment priority), and state financed students.
Priority students who missed the application deadline are subjected to regular wait listing procedures when application re-opens.

注意Attention for overseas students!

*Current students should apply on their own at the period of time announced by the Division of Student Housing (The priority will be lost, if do not apply within the announced date).

*New overseas undergraduate students and new international graduate students apply for accommodation online in August every year.

*New overseas chinese graduate students apply for semester accommodation online in late May every year.

*The list of Mainland Chinese, Hong Kong, and Macau students apply for semester accommodation online in June every year.


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