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Q11:What situations can lead to involuntary move-out?

:According to Article 15 in the Dorm Rules for NTHU,

B. In one academic year, if a resident has been penalized by deducting more than 10 points (including 10), he/she will be disqualified for housing in the next semester. Those who already have 10 points deducted but continue to violate dorm regulations will have to move out in two weeks once deduction reaches 15 points, and no refund will be issued (included utensil custody fee). Moreover, his/her right to apply for housing in the next academic year will be cancelled. A resident who has reached a deduction of 15 points (including 15) and fails to get approval to remove deduction can postpone the penalty of eviction if he/she signs a letter of guarantee and performs volunteer service at school four hours per week until the semester ends. However, an immediate eviction will be executed if he/she fails any of the above requirements or violates dorm regulations again.

C. Those who violate the rules on the dorm premises will be given major demerit, and lose housing right permanently.


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