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Tertiary institution housing management has undergone significant reform in structures and operation efficiency. In response to new trends, NTHU had organized a number of workshops for head residents and housing management teams with other institutions to facilitate exchanges in knowledge and experiences in housing management. After comprehensive evaluation by the senior management, three service centers were officially established on August 1st, 2006.

※Operated 24 hours (Please handle general affairs before 22:00. After 22:00, only handle emergency incidents.), these centers assist housing residents around the clock to ensure service quality and efficiency

※Service and Open Hours
08:00~17:00 Facility Maintenance, Cleaning, Check-in and Check-out Procedures / Dorm Property Inventory
08:00~22:00 Mailing Service, Other Administrative Affairs
22:00~08:00 Emergency Response

Campus:Main Campus
Location:Dorm Yi
Serves:Yi, Cheng, Hsin, Hua, Ming, Ping, Shan, Hung, Tsing, Shiue
Direct Line:+886-3-5162448
Operator:+886-3-5715131 Ext:62448、37634、37690
Dormitory Manager:
Dorm Yi and Cheng:Mr. Lai
Dorm Hsin (Male) and Shan:Mr. Chou
Dorm Hsin (Female):Ms. Huang
Dorm Hua, Ming and Ping:Mr. Chen
Dorm Hung:Ms. Lu Dorm Tsing (ABC):Ms. Ho
Dorm Tsing (DE):Mr. Chia
Dorm Shiue:Ms. Chuang
Campus:Main Campus
Location:Dorm Li
Serves:Li, Jen, Shyr, Shinn, Shuo, Ru
Direct Line:+886-3-5162449
Operator:+886-3-5715131 Ext:62449、37709、37781
Dormitory Manager:
Dorm Li and Jen:Ms. Lai
Dorm Shyr:Ms. Liu
Dorm Shinn:Mr. Zheng
Dorm Shuo:Mr. Wu
Dorm Ru:Ms. Huang
Campus:Main Campus
Location:Dorm Ya
Serves:Ya, Wen, Jing, Huei
Direct Line:+886-3-5162450
Operator:+886-3-5715131 Ext:62450、36577、36205
Dormitory Manager:
Dorm Ya:Ms. Hsu
Dorm Wen:Ms. Li
Dorm Jing and Huei:Ms. Lin
Campus:Nanda Campus
Location:Entrance of female dormitories (near student activity center)
Serves:Ming Feng, Chung Shan, Ying Hsi, Shu Te, Chu Yueh
Operator:+886-3-5715131 Ext:74700、74701
Emergency hotline (after office hours):0965-660905
Dormitory Manager:
Ming Feng:Ms. Teng
Chung Shan:Ms. Hsiao
Ying Hsi:Ms. Ho
Shu Te (Male):Mr. Chu
Shu Te (Female) and Chu Yueh:Ms. Chung
Ms. Peng