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2024 Housing Application Schedule for Current Graduate Students
Item Application Period Random Number
/ Dorm Allocation
Bed Allocation Give-up Deadline Payment Period Relevant Announcement Link
Academic Year Housing
- Single Room (Main Campus)
- Suite (Nanda Campus)
9 April 10AM ~
11 April 4PM
12 April 4PM 9 May 4PM by 23 May 5PM Included in Tuition Bill Application Schedule
Summer Housing
Application Guideline
Bed Allocation Result
Summer Payment
Summer Payment List
Academic Year Housing
- Twin Room (Main Campus)
- Room (Nanda Campus)
16 April 10AM ~
22 April 4PM
25 April 4PM 9 May 4PM by 23 May 5PM Included in Tuition Bill
Summer Housing X X 15 May ~ 20 May
Summer Housing Waiting List 24 May 10AM ~
30 May 4PM
X 6 June 4PM X 7 June ~ 13 June Waiting List Schedule
Application Guideline
Summer Bed Allocation
Summer Payment
Summer Payment List
First Waiting List
Academic Year First Waiting List 13 June 10AM ~
19 June 4PM
X 26 June 4PM by 10 July 5PM Included in Tuition Bill
Academic Year Second Waiting List 12 August 10AM ~
16 August 4PM
X 22 August 4PM by 5 September 5PM
Waiting List of Single Room and Suite 19 August 10AM ~
23 August 4PM
28 August 4PM X X X
※The detailed application procedures and regulations will be announced separately on the website of Division of Student Housing.
※Any changes to the schedule will be updated in advance and announced in the detailed application procedures. Please refer to the announcement for the latest information.
※The academic year housing application includes the fall semester and the following spring semester, but a separate application is needed for the summer housing.