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Recent Schedule of Housing Application for Current Undergraduate Students 2023
【Application of the waiting list】:
Waiting List Start/End Dates Announcement of Bed Allocations Giving Up Dormitory Accommodation Details
First waiting list 6/15 10:00AM ~
6/20 4:00PM
6/28 4:00PM 6/29 8:00AM ~
7/12 5:00PM
If you do not get a bed, this number will no longer be used. If you still have a need for accommodation, please apply for the next waiting list.
Second waiting list 7/11 10:00AM ~
7/14 4:00PM
7/18 4:00PM 7/19 8:00AM ~
8/1 5:00PM
Third waiting list 8/9 10:00AM ~
8/15 4:00PM
8/22 4:00PM 8/23 8:00AM ~
9/5 5:00PM
For those who have not gotten a bed, the random number will continue to be used.
1. Academic Year 2023 includes 2023 fall semester and 2024 spring semester. Student housing residency covers the entire academic year (based on the school schedule), and the first semester of each year starts from September 1 to January 31. The 2nd semester starts from February 1 to June 25.
2. Dorm Hung and Ya will be renovated during the 2023 summer vacation.
3. Suspension period of bed changes:6/2-6/28、7/10-7/18、8/8-8/22. If you need to change your bed, please bring your student ID card to the Division of Student Housing office or Nanda service center during other periods.
4. If you want to apply for the short-term summer accommodation, please come to the office of Division of Student Housing with student ID card or send email from 6/19.