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Q6:What are the regulations for moving out?

Q6﹕What are the regulations for moving out?

:When moving out of the dormitories, please notify the administrators to check the facilities in the dorm rooms. Except for unpredictable damage, the person who causes the damage will pay the full price and the payment will be done by deducting money from the deposit.

According to Article 19 in the Dorm Rules for NTHU,

A. When moving out or transferring to another room, you must abide to the Checkout Rules of each building listed by the Division of Student Housing. All dorm properties must be returned, and the room shall be restored to its original state. If using fraudulent information and photo to check out, no utensil custody fee will be refunded, and the tutor (professor) will be notified. Residents who are involved in serious fraud will be reported to the Student Assistance Division according to school rules.

B. Residents must move out by the announced move-out date when the academic year ends. If you do not move out in time, the dorm military instructor and Student Assistance Division counselor may move your personal property to the storage, and they are not responsible for your property’s safety. You must pay NT$100 per day for storage. If you do not collect your property within a week, your property will be disposed. Furthermore, your right to live in the dorm the following semester will be cancelled, and the Division of Student Housing will penalize you according to the school rules.

C. When borrowing a handcart from the service center, residents must use their student ID card, national health insurance card, driver’s license, or other form of identification. The handcart must be returned on the same day. Over-time will result in a fine of NT$500 per day, which will be deducted from the utensil custody fee. If unreturned for more than two days, the NT$1000 utensil custody fee will not be refunded.


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