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Q2:What can be borrowed from the service centers?

Q2﹕What can be borrowed from the service center?

:The service center provides the students with temporary cards, keys, screwdrivers, pliers, thermometers, trolleys, and dehumidifiers. Anyone who needs to borrow an item should offer his credential as a deposit and return the item on the same day. Please return the borrowed items on time for the convenience of the next students in need of them.

According to Article 19-C in the Dorm Rules for NTHU,

When borrowing a handcart from the service center, residents must use their student ID card, national health insurance card, driver’s license, or other form of identification. The handcart must be returned on the same day. Over-time will result in a fine of NT$500 per day, which will be deducted from the utensil custody fee. If unreturned for more than two days, the NT$1000 utensil custody fee will not be refunded.


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