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Q2:How do I collect my package?

Q2:How do I collect my package?

1. Regular mail will be delivered directly to the dormitory mailbox; packages will be delivered to the Dormitory Service Center.

2. Packages can be collected daily from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Please bring your student ID (or other identification if you don’t yet have one) to the service center to collect your packages.

3. Please go to service center to get your package within 2 weeks. We will return the packages which are received over 2 weeks.

4. The Dormitory Service center will inform you of packages received via electronic bulletin board and email. Or you can inquiry online:
*Registered mail or package inquiry (Main Campus)
*Registered mail or package inquiry (Nanda Campus)

5. Dormitory Service Center (The map of dormitories):

Main Campus
Service center 1 (Location: Dormitory Yi)-For the following services:Ming、Ping、Shan、Tsing、Hua、Hsin、Cheng、Yi、Shiue、Hung、Shan
Service center 2 (Location: Dormitory Li)-For the following services: Li、Jen、Shyr、Shinn、Shuo、Ru
Service center 3 (Location: Dormitory Ya)-For the following services:Wen、Jing、Huei、Ya

Nanda Campus
Nanda service center (Location: Gate of female dormitorirs)-For the following services:Ming Feng、Chung Shan、Ying Hsi、Shu Te、Chu Yueh


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