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Q8:Where can I go when I'm not feeling well?

:You can call the Division of Student Assistance or the service center for help.
The central office of NTHU:03-571531
Main Campus
Division of Student Assistance:03-5711814 or Ext. 66666
Service Center 1:03-5162448 or Ext. 37634、37690
Service Center 2:03-5162449 or Ext. 37709、37781
Service Center 3:03-5162450 or Ext. 36205、36577
Nanda Campus
Division of Student Assistance:0911799474 or Ext. 71411
Nanda Service Center:0965660905 or Ext. 74700、74701

The Division of Health Service(Main Campus Ext. 43000、Nanda Campus Ext. 74402)and the Clinic of NTHU(Ext. 62088)also offers help.
For other medical support nearby NTHU, please refer to the website of the Division of Health Service.
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