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To Enter the Dormitory

【For students with student ID cards】
2. Present your student ID or other identifications with picture to the Dormitory Service Center to receive dormitory keys after verification.
3. Swipe card at the dormitory door card reader to enter and exit the dormitory.
【For new comer without student ID cards】
1. During open time (expected to upload data on 8/28), please go to dormitory access password query website ←←Click here
(1) Enter your student ID number (ex: 112001001) and your birthday (4 numbers, ex: Aug. 1st → 0801) to query.
(2) Enter the password (a total of 9 digits and #) provided by the system into the door card reader by the gate.
Enter the first 5 digits (there may be some beep), then continue to enter the last 4 digits and #.
(3) The password is only used by residents to enter the dormitory where they live, and it expires at the end of September every year. Please use your student ID card after receiving it.
※If you can't find the password or enter the new dormitory after change, please contact with Division of Student Housing during office hours.
※Exchange students shall go to Division of Student Housing to pay the dormitory fee first.
2. Check-in Time
(1) New undergraduate student
a. On September 2nd and 3rd from 8:30 to 16:00, please bring your identification to the first floor of the dormitory to get your key.
b. From September 4th, please go to the service centers to get your key.
c. For details, please refer to the announcement of "Applications for New Undergraduate Students"
(2) New graduate student, transfer student, and exchange student
a. New graduate student who livng in the dormitory during summer, please refer to " 2023 Summer Dormitory Check-out and Semester Dormitory Check-in Announcement".
b. Other new studetns could bring your identification and go to the service center to take the key after September 1st.
(3) Service Center
Service Center 1 (Location: Dormitory Yi)-For the following services:Ming、Ping、Shan、Tsing、Hua、Hsin、Cheng、Yi、Shiue、Hung
Service Center 2 (Location: Dormitory Li)-For the following services:Li、Jen、Shyr、Shinn、Shuo、Ru
Service Center 3 (Location: Dormitory Ya)-For the following services:Wen、Jing、Huei、Ya
Nanda Service Center (Location: Gate of female dormitorirs)-For the following services:Ming Feng、Chung Shan、Ying Hsi、Shu Te、Chu Yueh
【Appling for the new student ID card】
1. Please bring your identification and go to the service center to take the key.
2. Borrow a temporary card from the Dormitory Service Center until you receive the new student ID (The system will be updated automatically at 5:00 AM/PM). Make sure to return the temporary card after. When borrowing for use, please prepare a NT$100 deposit. When the card is returned undamaged or not overdue, the deposit will be refundable immediately. Please observe the Loan Procedures for NTHU Housing Temporary Card.
3. Contact the Dormitory Service Center or Division of Student Housing if you are unable to enter the dormitory.
4. Contact the Campus Security Office for student ID renewal or replacement, please dial the phone No +886-3-5714769.
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