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Q3:Regulations for package delivery

Q3:Regulations for package delivery

:According to Service Guidelines for Mail and Parcel Services in the Dormitories,

1. Because the service center doesn't have the storage for refrigerated or frozen products, please coordinate the delivery time with the deliverer to receive the items in person.

2. No collection service is offered for court and legal documents, or mail and parcels concerning personal legal rights and interests. Once informed of relevant matters, the service centers will notify resident students in writing to handle the matter by themselves.

3. The service center does not pay the postage for the mail and parcels. The relevant charges arising from the mail and parcels shall be handled by residents themselves, and the service center may not provide the receiving and dispatching service.

4. Mail and parcels will be returned to the sender if addressees fail to collect them within two weeks after informed by the service center, and they shall not make any complaint.

5. Personal luggage, mattresses, quilts or other large furniture are not included in postal service. When mailing items mentioned above, owners must be sure to inform and coordinate with service center beforehand (No acceptance without coordination) and shall be picked up on the arrival date.


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